Benefits of Supply Chain Digitization 

As advocates of supply chain digitalization, one of the most frequent questions we are asked is “Why Supply chain Digitalization? Clients want to know why they should change a process they have used for years, regardless of the obvious flaws and shortcomings.

Honestly, we think the question should be why not supply chain digitalization? Especially with the way our world is fast changing and technology has taken over. 

Before we begin to highlight the many benefits of supply chain digitalization, let’s answer our second most asked question; What is supply chain digitalization?

Supply chain digitalization is the process of replacing manual processes throughout the supply chain with digital solutions with the intention of eliminating manual processes, improving performance, and increasing visibility across the entire supply chain.

This is when a business decides to embrace digital technology to improve its supply chain processes to improve its operations, both internally and externally (with customers and suppliers).

Benefits of Supply Chain Digitization:

  • Improved Visibility into Supply Chain Performance : Digital supply chain solutions embrace technologies such as predictive analytics, or automating stock management processes to help businesses of any magnitude to identify upcoming challenges early and have the capability to dynamically react to them. When businesses adopt a digital supply chain process such as our solution Xelar, they can get real-time visibility into supplier performance and be better positioned to deal with rapid changes that come with supply and demand fluctuations. 
  • Eliminate Manual Processes : Digitalization brings automation to business processes. This improves process efficiency, worker productivity, performance, and profitability. A digital supply chain helps you embrace process automation by eliminating the use of paper and manual data entry processes. Ultimately, this enables businesses to optimize their supply chain and redefine new business strategies.
  • Boost Supply Chain Planning: Through digital tools and technologies, businesses can better coordinate and collaborate with various stakeholders, including third-party service providers, vendors, intermediaries, and customers, to improve the performance of the end-to-end value chain. Digital supply chain management makes it easier to plan and manage all supply chain workflows such as: Sourcing, Procurement, Conversion, Inventory Management and Logistics Management. A supply chain management solution like Xelar, provides instant digital solutions for both buyers and suppliers by improving collaboration.
  • Eliminate Fraud : Digitalization automates supply chain processes which helps eliminate fraud. Unlike manual processes, a digital supply chain solution like Xelar fulfils instant 3-Way Matching requirement, effortlessly matching Purchase Orders, Invoices and Goods Receipt Notes in a single flow.
  • Reduce manual inputting errors: Digitalization enables businesses eliminate manual errors which can be cause huge financial losses. Large numbers of staff are no longer required to spend hours transferring invoice data into spreadsheets or databases. Xelar enables suppliers submit e-invoices directly to their buyers without using PDF documents and buyers can also send e-purchase orders.

About Xelar

Xelar enables businesses seamlessly achieve digital transformation of their supply chain and get access to supply chain finance.

We offer businesses seamless collaboration with your suppliers, access to payables finance and supplier finance as well as inventory management and cashflow prediction.

We also help your business to eliminate paper documents and problems associated with manual processes by issuing e-Purchase Orders, receiving e-Invoices, creating digital Goods Receipt Notes and Delivery Notes.

Supply chain digitalization isn’t complete if your suppliers are left out. Work with your suppliers effectively on Xelar and eliminate disruptions. Your suppliers have free access to work with you on Xelar.

If you want to eliminate delays caused by manual processes, approve critical transactions digitally, collaborate across functional teams seamlessly, and improve efficiency across your supply chain then Xelar is the solution for you.

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