Exin Versa is a digital supply chain finance platform.

Our products and solutions enable SMEs in supply chains improve their cash flow and grow their businesses.

We achieve this by eliminating the challenges and manual methods associated with traditional funding methods.

Technology and data are key elements in our approach to financing and this is channelled towards improving access to finance in supply chains.

One of the major problems faced by
supply chains in Nigeria, is the lack of short-term working capital to execute more transactions while awaiting payment on pending invoices.

SMEs in supply chains are also unable to access funding to execute purchase orders from their counterparties which negatively impacts their business relationships.

Getting short-term funding from traditional financial institutions can be a tasking exercise, we know.

ExinVersa was setup to address this challenge. by providing the required funding
in a simple and effective manner. 

With ExinVersa, your business does not need to bother about collateral or a lengthy application process.

Quick Numbers


Average transaction cycle tenor


Funding decision made


Businesses will receive 50-80% of confirmed invoices and purchase orders

Local Invoice Discounting Eligibility Criteria


Company must have been in business for a minimum of 6 months


The customer should have a business account with any Nigerian bank for at least 6 months


Receipt of clean credit bureau report from accredited credit agencies.


Existing buyer / supplier relationship with a reputable buyer in Nigeria

Purchase Order Finance Eligibility Criteria;


Customer should have an existing business as a local supplier or vendor.


Customer’s company and directors should have clean credit reports


The customer and buyer must have an existing commercial relationship or the customer must have executed similar jobs within the last 12 months

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