Finance and business solutions for supply chains

Grow your business and improve your supply chain relationships through our digital supply chain finance products . Our digital solutions and financial products are designed to improve your business performance.

Our Approach

Exin Versa’s unique financing model means that local suppliers and vendors in supply chains do not require collateral to obtain finance. We enable supply chain SMEs to leverage their business history and data to enchance their credit rating and access funding.

Why Exin Versa

SMEs have huge financial assets tied up in pending receivables within their supply chains. Through our innovative approach, they can unlock these receivables and grow their businesses.

Collateral free loans

We determine your credit worthiness using our bespoke eligiblity criteria without any collateral

Quick application process

Easy application and approval processes with minimal paper work required for loan approval

Improve your cashflow

As a business, you can successfully execute more orders and avoid delays due to shortage of capital.

Our Products

Local Invoice Discounting

Get early payment on your pending invoices. Local Invoice Discounting enables local suppliers and vendors receive early payment on a portion of their invoices before the buyer makes payment based on the invoice payment terms.

Purchase Order Finance

With Purchase Order Finance, local suppliers and vendors can quickly obtain funding to execute purchase orders from their corporate buyers. Ease your cashflow challenges and strengthen your business relationship with corporate buyers by fulfilling purchase orders without restraints.

Export Invoice Discounting (Coming Soon)

This product is targeted at exporters in Nigeria, providing capital to execute more export transactions while awaiting payment on pending export invoices.

Enterprise Receivables Finance API

Exin Versa’s enterprise receivables finance API is our innovative technology solution that allows businesses embed supply chain finance in their web platforms or ERP systems. With our API, businesses can instantly convert their invoices to cash and receive working capital to finance purchase orders, directly from their internal platform.


Benefits of Our Enterprise Receivables Finance API


Real time access to funding directly from your business platform.


Our smart APIs ensure that your finance requests are fully automated using business logic that is tailor-made for your supply chain.


Our APIs can be integrated with your existing ERP application for seamless funding.

Send a mail to to make use of our enterprise receivables finance API.

Everyday Tools for your Business

Beyond finance, we also provide digital tools to support our customers’ businesses. The best part is that customers can use these business tools for free!

Invoice Creation

Improve your business operations by sending digital invoices to your customers instead of physical paper invoices that are time-consuming.

Virtual Business Accounts

Get access to a functional bank account after completing your registration and enjoy free transfers for the first month. Receive payment from your customers and purchase airtime at discounted prices.

How it works - 3 simple steps

01.   Application

Complete the KYC process and submit an application.

02.   Review

Your application data and information will be assessed to reach a funding decision.

03.   Approval

Once your application is successful, your loan will be approved by our team and disbursed to your bank account.

What our clients say

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